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Welcome to the Plus Connect Limited Investor Centre.

Plus Connect specialises in online lottery-betting and user engagement and aims to commercialise a new generation of online and app based betting and social gaming products, as well as engagement tools. Plus Connect aims to create outstanding lottery-style experiences and deliver a socially responsible fundraising model, providing significant benefits to charities and sporting organisations.

To achieve this, Plus Connect has targeted the traditional lottery market in Australia and Asia/Pacific. Lottery is a mature industry constrained by state lottery taxes and a dependence on a high cost retail distribution network. By focusing on internet distribution, Plus Connect will offer lottery-style products that are substitutes for traditional lotteries.

Combining internet and cutting-edgemobile phone technologies with online betting and lottery licences Plus Connect seeks to create a competitive business with a price advantage over traditional lottery operators. Helping to achieve this, the Company is supported by strong partnerships with quality charity and sports brands,

The Plus Connect business model was developed with the knowledge that the privatisation of state lotteries has resulted in the removal of a major, efficient source of charity funding. Plus Connect has sought to replace some of that funding through its charitable and sporting product offerings. Plus Connect aims to become a leading digital retailer of charitable lotteries.

Plus Connect’s business model involves providing lottery products and user engagement tools in three distinct segments:

  • Charity and not-for-profit sectors
  • Sports and recreation sectors
  • Lotto betting

For further information on the three key lottery products please see the Products Page on this website.

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