Charity Lottery

Charity Lottery is a set of online lottery brands and products offering customers a fun and engaging user experience for playing lottery online. In addition, customers can play secure in the knowledge that a high percentage of the money they spend is helping nonprofit organisations to reach their fundraising goals.

All donations raised by our charity lotteries are held and administered by the Top End Foundation, a public ancillary fund which is managed by a highly respected Board of Directors and includes representatives from each of the partner charities.


  • Lottery draws where 7 numbers are drawn each weekday (Monday – Friday)
  • Jackpots underwritten by a major international insurance company
  • For every $1 bet, $0.20 is paid to charity
  • Each charity partner has exclusive rights to a draw and uses that draw as a dedicated fund raising channel to their existing and potential supporters


Charity lottery

Charity Lottery

Our aim is to assist partnered Australian non-profits’ (Cowboys Community Foundation, Wounded Heroes Australia and Variety) through this lottery portal by offering attractive guaranteed top prizes with a low barrier to entry. We also offer tickets to the popular home lotteries (Endeavour and Mater Foundation), supporting them with our marketing efforts across a wide array of digital channels.

Weather lottery

Weather Lottery is a fun and entertaining way to try your hand at winning a cool million while supporting some very worthy charitable organisations that perform invaluable services within communities across Australia.

Social enterprise is at the heart of what we do. Based on the highly successful European charity lottery model, Weather Lottery is a highly efficient way for Australian charities to raise money.

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