Sports Lottery

Sports lottery is a suite of online entertainment products and brands produced in collaboration with sporting clubs and associations internationally.


  • Dedicated product: Bespoke branded lotteries for professional sporting clubs
  • Generic product: Lottery betting portal helping semiprofessional and grassroots sporting clubs with their fundraising initiatives
  • Jackpots underwritten by a major international insurance company
  • For ever $1 bet a minimum of $0.20 is paid out to the sporting clubs
  • Immersive entertainment that drives customer engagement with clubs and Plus Connect


Sports Lottery

sports lottery

Our aim is to help build a long-lasting sporting legacy here in Australia by giving people the chance to support their local sports club in a way that is fun and exciting for all involved.

Sports Lottery is based here in Australia and hopes to bring fellow Australian’s together to help restore our great country as a sporting superpower and keep us there for many years to come.

Magpie Millions

All funds raised by the Club through Magpie Millions go directly to supporting Collingwood's many community programs, initiatives, partnerships and junior football and netball development activities.

It is a guiding objective of the Collingwood Football Club to have a major role of social responsibility and make a significant contribution to the community.

‘Side by Side’ has always been the club’s mantra and it remains so today across an extensive range of commitments.

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